Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

Skype for Business Suche von Skype IDs schlägt fehl

Nach Upgrade und Einrichtung der Skype ID Suche funktioniert diese trotzdem nicht.

Vorgegangen nach:


Im SfB Client steht dann einfach nur Fehler bei der Suche.

Englisch: "An error occured during the search. Pleasy try again, and contact your support team if the problem continues."

Im Eventlog des Frontend und Edge wurde ich fündig:

22.06.2015 14:11:16 Error 4106 The server selected for next hop could not be reached, or did not reply. A server selected as a proxy target for HTTP traffic could not be reached or did not reply: skypegraph.skype.com. Performance Counter Instance: Failure occurrences: 5, since 21.06.2015 19:36:50. Failure Details: WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server Cause: The remote server may be experiencing problems or the network is not available between these servers. Resolution: Examine the event logs on the indicated server to determine the cause of the problem. LS Web Components Server
22.06.2015 14:29:56 Error 62044 Skype search request failed. Exception information : Skype search service failed with response code: 503 response body: . Exception type: Exception Additional Data: Source: Microsoft.LiveServer.DLExpansion Stack Trace: at Microsoft.LiveServer.DLExpansion.Service.EndSearchSkypeDirectory(IAsyncResult asyncResult) Data: 0 key/value pairs Inner Exception: . Cause: A configuration or network connectivity issue might be causing failure to access the Skype search service. Resolution: Check the Skype search proxy and network configuration. LS Address Book and Distribution List Expansion Web Service
Es stellte sich heraus, dass der Edge Server eine https Verbindung zu "skypegraph.skype.com" herstellen wollte. Dies verhinderte die externe Firewall jedoch. Nach Freischaltung ging es dann sofort.

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